Technology – IT Industry Encircles the World

Talking about technology, the good news of becoming technologically advanced nation was come to us before the announcement of budget 2014-15. There were rumors for many years but finally almost all mobile networks collectively paid a huge amount to slightly reduce the deficit amount in the budget. The biding and licensing of 3G, 4G enchanted the youth or smartphone generation in Pakistan.

No doubt, this advanced and speedy internet enables the users to explore the world on finger tips but we cannot deny the fact that, in many ways, this technology is being misused by the smarter generation.

From Facebook to tweeter, whatsapp to viber, apps to games, fun to entertainment, music to videos, Hollywood to Bollywood, health to fitness, recipes to online orders, maps to navigation, browsing to buffering, YouTube to dailymotion, live match streaming to live coverage of news channels, books to encyclopedia, and as per least importance in our country, education to leaning, everything is in the palm of our hand and fingers to rule. Thumb has surpassed to all other fingers in the battle to give the best to the users. Cell phones are not merely phones but the way of living.

Modern operating systems ( OS ) and technology changed the world of users. Things that appeared fantasy some time ago, are now reality. We have seen Nokia as a revolutionary brand by introducing symbion operating system as well as java based OS, Apple also made a worth as the most beautiful smart phone manufacturer but in recent past we have witnessed a drastic change and a revolutionary operating system, known as Android.

Technology like Samsung, HTC, Sony and many other brands developed Android based cell phone and within a short span this operating system became the symbol of new and emerging smart cell phones all over the world.

We have seen many local brands import smart phones from China that run on Android OS. The most attractive thing of Android OS is this that everyone can buy a smart phone according to his range and even many low end , low priced cell phones available for those who can’t afford gadgets by Apple. People have a lot of variety in accordance with the price tang of the gadgets. Android OS enlarged the selecting option for the layman and made things easy to do.

Undoubtedly, all these things related to information technology have been important to some extent in our lives, but, we must not forget the unforgettable losses in our daily routine lives. These unique gadgets have become the oxygen like element in our youngsters’ life having no other responsibilities in their lives. They are as stick to these devices as newborn baby with the mother. We need to stir our generation to get out from this ulcer as soon as possible, because, youngsters of any nation are considered as a strong future in the world.

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