Sanctity of Mosque Going to be Ruined

The social, ethical and religious values of an ideal Islamic state developed and evolved in the golden times of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These social and ethical values became the message for other religions as well as other tribes of Arabs and spread like a piece of knowledge that could not stop. It was Mosque that inculcated a moral massage in the young generation and thus transferred the values of Islam from one generation to another from the very beginning of Islam. There is no doubt about it that Mosque was like a lighthouse in the darkness of sins and bring the words of Allah to those who were depraved from the light of righteousness. Prophet (PBUH) emphatically stressed upon the importance of knowledge by saying, “Seek Knowledge even if you have to travel to China”.

And knowledge does not merely confine to religious knowledge but every word that brings a positive message to human beings. Mosque was never been a doubtful house of knowledge all over the world but unfortunately for last two decades the role of this Islamic foundation considered to be questionable ,particularly, in Pakistan. Ulama have been charging to use religion as a shield against public resentment for a long time.

We have witnessed army operation to Mosques  in past. Intelligence agencies found many clues that some religion representatives use the foundation of knowledge in such cunning way that innocent public become puppet in their hands. They use the words of Allah to manipulate the ignorant people and gain what they desire. Islam and Islamic education can never lead a man to malignant way. It is the only source to enlighten the darkest aspects of the heart and mind of the man.

In western perspective Mosque is the root cause to spread problems and sympathetic passion for supporting the enforcement of fundamental Islam. They believe that Mosques  teach nothing but bomb making and skill to terrorize the peaceful world. Pakistan was found on the name of Islam, and being a Muslim, no one can deny the importance of religion but we have to review the role of scholars that caused to disrepute the religion by imposing rigid concepts of Islamic values.

If we critically evaluate the situation of all the third world countries, we would come to know that people exploit the innocent and devoted public on the name of religion. Apparently we all try to become the true follower of religious values but sympathy has drained from our hearts. We have lost the Islamic values taught by Prophet (PBUH).  Mosque has lost its true role to build an ideal social society instead people are killed on the name of honor and religion. In sarcastic words, we all have failed to practice what is told by the Holy Quran and this is the reason, we are standing on the verge of destruction.

There are many Mosque that are suspicious in their role but on the other hand we have many examples that played an ideal role. Zerb-e-Azb and recent problems raised many question on the role of Mosque. It is the need of the hour, Government take immediate action against those who used such educational forum to destroy the credibility of pious leaning institution, Mosque. People are demanding to expose all such criminal who caused to disrepute the religion and nation as extremists. This is the time to decide the course of actions to save the honor of such educational institution called Mosque.

Religion cannot be attained to ideal level by force but it is the inner holiness that changes people. Holiness was that precious thing that converted the enemies of Islam to embrace Islam when taught by Prophet (PBUH). To cut the long story short, all the Mosques in Pakistan are not teaching terrorist literature but there are evidence that some evils exploiting and disrupting religion. Pak army took the task to demolish all such evils. We should always keep in mind that Pakistan was found on the name of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH), therefore , no one is allowed to play with the reputation of the dignity and honor of our homeland. Being a Pakistani and the followers of Islam we try to understand the word of Allah, the holy Quran, not by listening only but by leaning and practicing in our day today life.

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