Role of Cinema to Solace our inner Thoughts

What that makes us to watch movies in Cinema and enchant us, is the appealing element of the story, acting and our interest to know the complete truth. It is the innate nature of the man that he always tries to know the whole truth. In general life, the effort to know the complete truth sometimes leads the man drastic tragedy. Man always tries to fix the thing as he feels they appear in order and naturally man is an amalgam of virtue and vice.

No one can claim that perfection exists but we all try to see things perfect. This philosophical truth is bit difficult to elaborate and difficult to understand but film is the only way to solace our inner most desires. Desire of portray things as we want to see; desire to make the world as we wish to live in.
If we study the fundamental structure of theater from Greek plays, we come to know that the role of our cinema is very much similar to Greek dramas. The motive of Greek drama was to provide entertainment and inculcating moral message by using the literary technique hamartia, the tragic flaw, peripetia, and the role of fate in human life.

Modern cinema is not limited in terms of portraying characters so it makes the spectators more delight and give them a chance to purify their emotions and interests. Viewers can choose films according to their modes and innate nature but we cannot deny that role of cinema is, somehow, similar to ancient drama.

Ancient drama depicts some characters as up straight or heroic and other as villains, and the same we find in our films. Poetic justice is also same in ancient and modern story, where vice punished for wrongdoings and virtuous get reward of good deeds. All these things inculcate a moral message to the audience. Spectators attached to characters and lost in world of cinema, this is way of purgation.
In net shall, we can say that human mind always tries to find a way of solace its inner most thoughts and purify them by seeing goodness for good people and eternal pain for those who do wrong for others. This interaction develops a deep contact between cinema and audience. This is appealing factor of cinema that leads us to watch movies and drama from Greek theater to modern days.

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