Negative Aspects of Latest Technology

Man of the current age has become the man of information technology. It has brought the man at what stage where he has lot of luxuries especially in the last decade. He is no more a servant of telephone and telegraph as he has won the smart cell phone. Today man has become the user of high speed means of internet like LTE with the use of facebook, whatsapp and viber etc. Man cannot wait for latest news broadcasts by any special news transmission channel as he has this opportunity on his android smartphone.

All these latest operating system (OS) in latest technology has changed the world at utmost level with its users. Our new generation has addicted to these gadgets and not ready to disown it. They spend most of their times by using these gadgets and other internet devices that has become the headaches of the parents.

If we evaluate the performance of this OS, we definitely run out of words but on the other hand we cannot ignore the negative aspects of these modern smart phones. Life seems nothing without these modern gadgets. People had a social life and communication in the past but now a days socializing means are f.b, tweet, whatsapp and many other socializing apps. Playing games do not mean cricket, hockey, football but it is about angry bird, need for speed, candy crush, etc.

Even from morning to night, life is more or less appears to run like the runner of Temple run. When our parents and teachers stop us to play these appealing graphic games, they all appear like bad pigs of the angry bird. The charm to win every stage in all these games celebrated and shared with friend. The amusement and love for all these games depraved the youth from physical activities. Children spend hours in all these activities and have become lethargic to play physical games.

It is not only about playing games but 3G, 4G has enhanced the social connectivity. We have no plans to save our children from the evils and unethical elements from all these social networks. Fake ID, fake photos and black mailing, all these tempt the immature young children. I. T. industry and mobile networks generating the most of the revenue for Pakistan but unfortunately we have no mechanism to stop the illegal activities on the internet. Advancing the people does not mean to forget the culture.

To conclude this endless debate, we can only say that advanced things bring some negativity in society and unfortunately it is deeply rooted in our culture to seek shortcuts that can never achieve conspicuous achievements. Government may not be able to block unethical thing but we have our own conscience to bring the positivity rather spend all our energy and mind in worthless actives. Though the survival of a nation in modern era of information technology without 3G and LTE is impossible, yet, necessary cautions are equally important to save our generations.

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