Forget Past: New Phases Create New Opportunities in Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani, the newly-elected Afghanistan President, while giving address to a combined press conference, emphasized “We need to forget the past…..and we will not let the past to obliterate our future.” Undeniably, it was very positive and pragmatic gesture for watchful and concerned audiences in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Afghanistan is undergoing in the process of economic and security transition with many other issues and all these issues are showing some progress after taking over the new government. While talking about security sector, Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between United States and Afghanistan is proving itself a better decision for Afghan government. Though Barack Obama, the President of United States, had already talked about 9800 troops would stay there till 2016. But it still depends on the final decision that relates with the signs on BSA.

Pakistan had endeavored a lot to back its saying regarding non-involvement and non-intervention in the personal affairs of it. The outcomes of Afghan-election are accepted whole-heartedly by Pakistani government. Ashraf Ghani is considered more suitable candidate from many international personalities because of his apolitical stature.

Ghani is acting as President and Abdullah Abdullah as chief executive officer (CEO) in Kabul with lot of political challenges. Both are practicing their power with full command and control and Afghanistan’s entire success is totally depends on this bond solely not only internal but also in external relations. This bond must be stronger than ever before and do not let any negative forces to be activated against this perfect bond-connection.

Likewise, if Kabul faces any political instability, it will not affordable for the US and they will try to prevent and secure it. These factors directly hit to physical security and economic resources of Afghanistan. So these scenarios never acceptable for any state neither for Afghanistan nor any other state that are directly or indirectly related to it. Afghanistan needs to be secure, stable and peaceful not only for Pakistan but also for its own prosperity.

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, visited in Pakistan before the visit of General Raheel Sharif’s visit in neighboring country. One day trip was also arranged by Pakistan National Security Advisor to Kabul in which Mr. Sartaj Aziz extended an invitation to President Ghani for having a visit in Pakistan. All three visits had a similar echo: to overcome the trust deficit, to strengthen the weak relations with pure gestures, lasting and inclusive relationship between two similar religion-based countries.

While lot of talking seminars held regarding to improve relations, one significant factor that need to be paid attention to enhance cooperation at utmost level. Kabul and Islamabad have accused each other for improper cooperation regarding terrorist and their sanctuaries in both sides with lot of objections on border security forces.

Undoubtedly, leaders of both countries have chosen a very right way of negotiation to build confidence on each other. If they are sincere as they are showing their gestures with their nation and want to become prosperous their nation, they need to forget the past and get united to defeat the odds that exist not only internally but also at external level.

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