Film Industry in Pakistan

Pakistan film industry has been in a constant struggle for a long time. From last two decades, there are only few examples of good films making. From story writing to promotion film making is full of flaws and below average. In fact, T. V media is more entertaining for audience and this is the reason Indian films are promoted and featured on our cinemas. The cinemas here are on decay. Cinemas are being destroyed by the investors and shopping malls and plazas replacing entertain hubs. Audiences wait for upcoming Indian movies and their release in this country. Music of Bollywood is equally famous and liked in this country. Even our Pakistani best singers sing song for Indian movies.

Young girls and guys are fan of Indian film stars. They follow their fashion and way of style. From younger to older, everyone watch Indian movies. Hindi films are so famous and liked in Pakistan because language is similar and people are perceive the social issues and stories easily. They become the part of those social issues which depicted in films and love to watch the performances by stars they like. Indian films generate huge revenue every year and liked all over the world. Cinema is considered the most entertaining way of amusement.

Indian film industry is growing and evolving every day. New talent is emerging and with experience there are many new film makers making creative films. Films and film associated thing are rising in Bollywood. On the other hand, Pakistani film makers and films are no more liked by their own audiences. We have watched some good and creative films in recent time by such great directors but only few and we can count these on finger tips.

There is no doubt that we have such tremendous actors and they can do even better than those whom we admire as great stars of Bollywood. Pakistan produced great stars and they were praised and liked even on the side of the border. Madam Nor Jaha, Waheed Murad, Zaiba, Sultan Rahi, Rangila, and even living legend Umer Shareef and many other are not only famous but liked and praised for their acting skills and passion for work. They gave Pakistani films new identity but unfortunately new talent failed to prove themselves and the success ratio downed to zero.

If we critical evaluate the flaws and issues that are considered as downfalls in the way of evolution of film making in Pakistan, so we come to know, everything is disordered.  Issues are countless and even determination to sort out all issues not present in the people associated with film industry. They have lost direction as well as passion to make things better. Government has so many other matters to deal with and focus on the entertaining of the people always ignored.

All these things that there is very little hope left but many people working for the revival of film making. Some social and ethical norms somehow become an issue to adapt the style which we like in Indian films. T. V is a light of hope and entertaining source and this medium of entertainment working very well to bring quality to the audience that is socially as well as ethically acceptable.

Cinema and films are considered as a very important entertainment source and a way to put light on issues of the society. People interact to their favorite starts. Romantic, dramatic, emotional, sympathetic, sentimental, realistic all these movies amuse the audience. We should hope for the better future of our film industry in Pakistan and collectively work for the betterment of this industry.
What man is the man that cannot make the world better.

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