Energy Crises and Helpless Citizens of Pakistan

Lahore the capital of Punjab in Pakistan, the city known for the political dominance of the ruling party in Punjab as well as federation. Lahore is the city where people paid more bills and taxes than other capital cites of Pakistan but whenever masses need an administrator to control the mismanaged things, there is no one who can think about the public and their issues.

As the winter fall, natural gas became an issue for the public and this problem was not yet over, now people are finding petrol like a hundred year old hidden treasure. Energy crisis become an obstacle in the way of progress and this problem is affecting the nation in every way.

Minister for petroleum is completely unaware of the situation in the Punjab and especially in Lahore. He apologized for inconvenience to the public. His apology is nothing but another slap for those who get two-litter petrol in line in just 2 hours.

OGRA keenly observes the rate of petroleum products but not their access to the common man. A common man is already paying double for 1 litter petrol compare to international rates and still a common man wastes all his energy to get the very precious fuel called petrol.

Immediate action plans are taken by prime minister but implementation of all such plans merely works to provide gasoline to protocol vehicles of government ministers. Everyday is a new day and more difficult challenge for a common man in Pakistan. Brilliant students do not even think to serve the country but their first preference is to get visa. We do not know where we are going as a nation but one thing is clear that the destination of the nation seems dark right now.

Is the apology of the minister enough for the critical time that Punjab is going through. This is the worst time when people are paying but their taxes only full the stomachs of the corrupt ministers. Corruption has rampant in every department of our country and this will lead a common man to kill without any weapon.

In such critical situation, the criticism on the policies and management of the government is like talking about the natural disaster where humans are helpless. Pakistan is becoming a paradise for elite class and a hell for poor.

The need of this hour is to do something collectively before these corrupt and inhumane rulers snatch our souls from the flesh. This situation shows that ministers and rulers have no concern with the problem of the lower class in Pakistan. May Allah awake this slumbering nation to speak and stand for their basic rights.

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