So-Called Democracy in Pakistan

Pakistani nation is, no doubt, very brave or in sarcastic words, inhumane nation. These words may cause anger but if they agitate the slumbering souls, we can really make a new Pakistan unitedly. We have lost more lives than any country in the war against but still we labeled as extremists or fanatics. Extremism and fanaticism are the terms given to the nation who sacrificed lives of their beloveds for the sake of peace. Bias, partial or hypocrite judgments and labels can never lead to the peace but a perpetual hatred and vengeance.

The nation was never divided, they always stand unite but there are many leaders who still believe that ‘divide and rule’ is the only way to rule over the people. They use every possible way to make crack on the wall of unity. They have no moral values but whenever they present them to the people they appear more religious than the religion.

Peshawar incidence the world but we are still divided to make right decision for the future of Pakistan. Prime minster called APC immediately after Peshawar incidence and announced a nation security plan. All parties decided to take an immediate action and to support army. Pending death sentenced and developments of military courts were the unanimous decision of all the political parties.
But now 21st amendment of constitution has become a serious problem. All voted in favor of this amendment but when they come out of the parliament they behave to be forced by power to vote. People of Pakistan are not only confused but shocked, they are not able to understand the, so called, insecurities and apprehensions over the issue of military courts. What a common man wants to these rulers, is food for him and family and peace around him but they are failed to provide even the fundamental rites of a common man. They all want the power and nothing. As George Orwell said,
” power corrupts man and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

They speak about the army dictators who ruled Pakistan in the past and claimed that worst democracy is better than the dictatorship. We have witnessed a rapid progress in the period when military Generals were in power. Such hypocrite leader proves it right that third world countries with third world democracy. In such situation, how can a common think about the justice and impartial judgment. Every political party and group has a militant wing or they support such armed groups to suppress others. They always blame one another to be hypocrite but actually they all are hypocrites.
Everyone was thinking that Peshawar incidence may become an issue to unite these all parties on the same page but they have forgotten those precious martyrs so quickly and politicizing the sacrifice of those innocents.

21st amendment, military courts, national security plan are not that important but Pakistan and Pakistani nations. Sects, political parties, political views may be different and opposed to one another but Pakistan and Pakistani nation are most important. To come over this worse situation and fulfillment of nation security plane would be dream unless we unite against all those who worked against Pakistan and people of Pakistan.

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