Awareness about Polio Eradication in Pakistan

The rest of world is polio free except Pakistan and some other countries including Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Health and education are considered to be the most important responsibility of the state but Pakistan spends very less on these two. Health and education are directly proportional to each other and go hand in hand. If we ignore one the other suffer. An educated man can treat and understand the medical situations rather an illiterate as he can study the pros and cons of the medicine and its usage.

Government always claim to provide the best and free health facilities to masses but practically all these claims appear as failures. Mother and child health program is very important and international health agencies, WHO and UNICEF, working in collaboration with Pakistani Government to promote better education and facilities. Expended program of immunization is a vaccination program for neonates in Pakistan to save new born babies from contagious disease. Last year survey reveals that more than 291 children affected by polio virus in Pakistan and in 2013 there were 77 polio cases were registered.

Polio virus affects on central nervous system and mostly caused paralysis to lower limbs. The most note able thing is this that there is no symptom found when polio virus affects the child but with the passage of time it completely paralyzes the limbs of the effected child. In such situation, an uneducated mother may not judge the situation of the child on early stages.

Education and ignorance are not the only factor in Pakistan that become obstacles in the way of polio free Pakistan but terrorism and attack on polio vaccinators. Polio teams were attacked so many times and many innocent worker embraced shahadat last year. Polio teams were not only attacked in K.P or Baluchistan but in Karachi where people are more educated than other parts of the country. This shows that situation is really worse and difficult to cope with.

Government decided to provide security to polio worker after those attacks but this is not the solution to get rid of this contagious disease. Government should promote health education to those who do not vaccinate their children willingly. These people believe that polio vaccine is dangerous and an anti-Islamic medicine. It is due to some malignant and hypocrite religious ulamas who labeled it as a poison. This is the moment to think that neither our destination is clear nor the way of thinking.

The only way to make Pakistan polio free healthy nation is to stand united against all those elements that become hindrances in our healthy and secure future. There is no compromise on the healthy future of our generations. It is the responsibility of our Government to provide proper security to polio workers but we should try to educate those who avoid polio vaccine willingly.

On the other hand, violence or force may not convoy the message of peace. The only way to see Pakistan as polio free is to spread love that people admire and do well for themselves willing rather avoiding. These two drops of vaccine can secure all other children. We should all try to promote this message so that every child takes two drops. It is the only way to travel anywhere with dignity and self-respect. Developed countries believe that every individual is polio affected in Pakistan. It is the time to change us and proved them wrong. We pray to Allah that we make Pakistan healthy, prosperous and polio free very soon.

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